74ETL16245 Datasheet – 16-Bit Data Transceiver

Part Number: 74ETL16245

Function: Transceiver with Incident Wave Switching

Package: 48-pin SSOP and ceramic flatpak Type

Manufacturer: National ->Texas Instruments


74ETL16245 datasheet


The 54ETL16245, 74ETL16245 contains sixteen non-inverting bidirectional buffers with TRI-STATEÉoutputs designed with incident wave switching, live insertion support and enhanced noise margin for TTL backplane applications.

Both the A and B ports include a bus hold circuit to latch the output to the value last forced on that pin. The B port of this device includes 25Xseries output resistors, which minimize undershoot and ringing.


1. Supports the VME64 ETL specification

2. Functionally and pin compatible with industry standard TTL 16245 SSOP pinout

3. Improved TTL-compatible input threshold range

4. Guaranteed latchup protecti

5. BiCMOS design significantly reduces power dissipation

Acquired by Texas Instruments on September 23rd, 2011.

Other data sheets are available within the file:

54ETL16245, 54ETL16245FPFPCX, 54ETL16245SSCX, 54ETL16245SSMX


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