76PSB04 Datasheet – PIANO-DIP Styles Switch ( PDF )

Part Number: 76PSB04

Function: Piano-DIP (up is off) – SPST Rocker

Manufacturer: Grayhill Inc


76PSB04 datasheet


This is Piano-DIP Switch (Up is Off).


1. Raised and Recessed, Rocker and PIANO-DIP Styles
2. Sealed Base Standard
3. Spring and Ball Contact
4. Top Tape Seal Option

Soldering Information :

Series 90 MIDIP and Series 76 recessed rocker (76RSB style) sealed switches have been tested
to EIA Standard RS-448-2. Similar performance can be expected from other sealed Series 76
and 78 DIP switches.

Other data sheets are available within the file:

76PRB02, 76PRB02ST, 76PRB03, 76PRB03ST


76PSB04 Datasheet PDF Download

76PSB04 pdf

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