8121SD2V3GE Datasheet PDF – Push-button Switch, SPDT

Part Number: 8121SD2V3GE

Function: Push-button Switch, STRAIGHT, SPDT, ON-(ON)

Manufacturer: ckswitches ( www.ckswitches.com )


8121SD2V3GE datasheet


This is Snap-acting Momentary Pushbutton Switch.

Features / Benefits :

1. Positive tactile feel
2. Multi-positions available
3. Wide variety of termination options
4. Epoxy terminal seal compatible with bottom wash cleaning
5. RoHS compliant models available

8121SPDT On-Mom. 1 Amp
8125SPDT On-Mom. 0.4VA
8221DPDT On-Mom. 1 Amp
8225DPDT On-Mom. 0.4VA
83213PDT On-Mom. 1 Amp
83253PDT On-Mom. 0.4VA
84214PDT On-Mom. 1 Amp
84254PDT On-Mom. 0.4VA


Typical Applications:

1. Instrumentation

2. Computer peripherals

3. Telecommunications equipment


Other data sheets are available within the file:

8121SD9A2GE, 8121SD9A4GE, 8121SD9R2GE, 8121SD9RGE


8121SD2V3GE Datasheet PDF Download

8121SD2V3GE pdf