24FC65 Datasheet PDF – 64K, 5.0V, I2C Smart EEPROM

Part Number: 24FC65

Function: 64K, 5.0V, 1MHz, I2C smart EEPROM

Package: DIP, SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Image and Pinouts:

24FC65 datasheet



The Microchip Technology Inc. 24FC65 is a “smart” 8K 8x 8 Serial Electrically Erasable PROM (EEPROM) with a high-speed 1MHz SE2.bus whose protocol is functionally equivalent to the industry-standard I2C bus.

This device has been developed for advanced applications such as personal communications, and provides the systems designer with flexibility through the use of many new user-programmable features. The 24FC65 offers a relocatable 4K-bit block of ultra-high-endurance memory for data that changes frequently. The remainder of the array, or 60K bits, is rated at 1,000,000 ERASE/WRITE (E/W) cycles guaranteed. The 24FC65 features an input cache for fast write loads with a capacity of eight pages, or 64 bytes. This device also features programmable security options for E/W protection of critical data and/or code of up to fifteen 4K blocks.


1. 1 MHz SE2.bus two wire protocol

2. Up to eight devices may be connected to the same bus for up to 512K bits total memory

3. Programmable block security options

4. Programmable endurance options

5. Schmitt trigger inputs for noise suppression

6. Self-timed ERASE and WRITE cycles

7. Power on/off data protection circuitry


24FC65 Datasheet PDF Download

24FC65 pdf

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