93LC56AT Datasheet PDF – 2K, Microwire Serial EEPROM

Part Number: 93LC56AT

Function: 2K, Microwire Compatible Serial EEPROM

Package: SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


93LC56AT datasheet



This is 2K, 2.5V, Microwire Serial EEPROM.

The Microchip Technology Inc. The 93LC56AT, 93LC56B, 93LC56C devices are 2Kbit low-voltage serial Electrically Erasable PROMs (EEPROM). Word-selectable devices such as the 93AA56C, 93LC56C or 93C56C are dependent upon external logic levels driving the ORG pin to set word size.

When the ORG pin (93XX56C) pin is connected to VCC, the (x16) organization is selected. When it is connected to ground, the (x8) organization is selected.

Instructions, addresses and write data are clocked into the DI pin on the rising edge of the clock (CLK). The DO pin is normally held in a High-Z state except when reading data from the device, or when checking the Ready/ Busystatus during a programming operation.

The Ready/Busystatus can be verified during an Erase/Write operation by polling the DO pin; DO low indicates that programming is still in progress, while DO high indicates the device is ready. DO will enter the High-Z state on the falling edge of CS.



1. Low-Power CMOS Technology

2. ORG Pin to Select Word Size for ‘56C’ Version

3. 256 x 8-bit Organization ‘A’ Version (no ORG)

4. 128 x 16-bit Organization ‘B’ Version (no ORG)

5. Self-Timed Erase/Write Cycles (including Auto-Erase)

6. Automatic Erase All (ERAL) before Write All (WRAL)

7. Power-On/Off Data Protection Circuitry

Other data sheets are available within the file:

93AA56A, 93AA56B, 93AA56C, 93AA56P, 93AA56SN, 93LC56AX, 93LC56AXT


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