ASM121 PDF Datasheet – Temperatue Sensor, Thermistor

Part Number: ASM121

Function: Temperatue Sensor, Thermistor

Package: 1.2mm x 1.5mm QFN

Manufacturer: Andigilog


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ASM121 pdf pinout


The ASM121 is a high-precision, 3-lead CMOS silicon thermistor in an ultra-small leadless package that provides a cost-effective solution for applications requiring high-accuracy low-power temperature monitoring. The aSM121 functions in a way that is similar to a PTC thermistor.

However, it is linear-calibrated, enabling application developers to directly interpret output voltage as
temperature without complex compensation for nonlinearity.


1. Precision Calibrated to ±1°C at 25°C

2. Temperature Range : -30°C to 125°C

3. Extremely Linear Output Ramp : 10mV/°C

4. 0°C Output : 0.50V

5. Output Ramp is Calibrated to Degrees Celsius

6. Low Operating Current : 14μA

7. Operating Voltage Range : +2.7 V to +3.6V


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ASM121 datasheet


1. Mobile Phones

2. Mobile Communications Terminals

3. Computers

4. Battery Management

5. FAX Machines/Printers/Copiers

6. Portable Medical Instruments

7. HVAC, Power Supply Modules


ASM121 PDF Datasheet