TM1628 PDF – LED Controller Driver, SO-28 Pin

Part Number: TM1628

Function: LED Controller Driver

Package: SO 28-pin Type

Manufacturer: Titan Micro Electronics


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TM1628 arduino


The TM1628 is an LED Controller driven on a 1/7 to 1/8 duty factor. Eleven segment output lines, six grid output lines, 1 segment/grid output lines, one display memory, control circuit, key scan circuit are all incorporated into a single chip to build a highly reliable peripheral device for a single chip microcomputer. Serial data is fed to TM1628 via a three-line serial interface. Housed in a 28-pin SO Package, TM1628 pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB Layout and cost saving advantages.


• CMOS Technology

• Low Power Consumption

• Multiple Display Modes (12 segment, 6 Grid to 11 segment, 7 Grid)

• Key Scanning (8 x 2 Matrix) • 8-Step Dimming Circuitry

• Serial Interface for Clock, Data Input/Output, Strobe Pins


• Micro-computer Peripheral Device

• VCR set

• Combi set


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TM1628 pdf pinout

This pin outputs serial data at the falling edge of the shift clock. This pin inputs serial data at the rising edge of the shift clock (starting from the lower bit) Clock Input Pin This pin reads serial data at the rising edge and outputs data at the falling edge. Serial Interface Strobe Pin The data input after the STB has fallen is processed as a command. When t his pin is “HIGH”, CLK is ignored. Key Data Input Pins The data sent to these pins are latched at the end of the display cycle.(Internal Pull-Low Resistor) Ground Pin Segment Output Pins (p – channel, open drain) Also acts as the Key Source Segment Output pins (P-Channel, open drain) Segment/Grid Output Pins Power Supply Grid Output Pins No Connection […]

TM1628 PDF Datasheet

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