BMP180 Datasheet – Digital Pressure Sensor ( PDF )

This post explains for the sensor.

The Part Number is BMP180.

The function of this semiconductor is Digital pressure sensor.

Manufacturer: Bosch


BMP180 datasheet sensor


The BMP180 is the function compatible successor of the BMP085, a new generation of high precision digital pressure sensors for consumer applications.

The ultra-low power, low voltage electronics of the IC is optimized for use in mobile phones, PDAs, GPS navigation devices and outdoor equipment. With a low altitude noise of merely 0.25m at fast conversion time, the device offers superior performance. The I2C interface allows for easy system integration with a microcontroller.

The module is based on piezo-resistive technology for EMC robustness, high accuracy and linearity as
well as long term stability. Robert Bosch is the world market leader for pressure sensors in automotive applications. Based on the experience of over 400 million pressure sensors in the field, the BMP180 continues a new generation of micro-machined pressure sensors. […]


BMP180 pinout



1. Can measure temperature and altitude.
2. Pressure range: 300 to 1100hPa
3. High relative accuracy of ±0.12hPa
4. Can work on low voltages
5. 3.4Mhz I2C interface
6. Low power consumption (3uA)
7. Pressure conversion time: 5msec
8. Potable size



1. Indoor navigation
2. Sport devices
3. Computer Peripherals
4. GPS
5. Weather forecast
6. Vertical velocity Indication
7. Hobby projects

Reference site :

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2. How to Set Up the BMP180 Barometric Pressure Sensor on an Arduino – Circuit Basics

BMP180 Datasheet

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