CS65L83BP PDF – Step-down Constant Current LED Driver

Part Number: CS65L83BP

Function: Non-isolated step-down constant current LED driver circuit

Package: DIP 7 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Semico


CS65L83BP PDF datasheet


The CS6583 is a single-inductor non-isolated step-down LED constant current drive circuit, which works in the critical continuous mode of the inductor current. Suitable for full voltage input range of 85Vac~265Vac. The operating current of the circuit is extremely low, requiring only a few external components. In a larger range, the output current of the system has nothing to do with the inductance. The circuit has excellent line regulation and load regulation, reducing system cost. CS6583 is mainly used in LED candle lamps, LED bulb lamps and other LED lighting fields.

A step-down constant current LED driver is typically used when the input voltage is higher than the forward voltage required by the LED(s). It is called “step-down” because the driver reduces the higher input voltage to a lower output voltage suitable for the LEDs.

Step-down constant current LED drivers often incorporate switching regulator technology, such as a buck converter, to efficiently regulate the voltage and current supplied to the LEDs. These drivers may also include additional features like dimming controls, thermal protection, and input/output voltage regulation.

Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Single inductor non-isolated step-down structure
2. Ultra-low working current
3. Wide input voltage
4. Internally integrated 500V high voltage power MOSFET
5. ±5% LED output current accuracy
6. LED open/short protection
7. CS short circuit protection
8. Over temperature protection function



CS65L83BP PDF Datasheet