TM1628 Datasheet – LED Controller Driver – Titan Micro

What is TM1628?

It is designed to control LED and seven-segment displays, and it features a built-in keypad scanning function.

The TM1628 IC is designed to interface with microcontrollers and other digital circuits. It communicates using a 3-wire serial interface, which makes it easy to integrate into a wide range of applications. The TM1628 can control up to 8 digits of 7-segment displays, or up to 64 individual LEDs.

One of the key features of this is its built-in keypad scanning function. This allows it to scan up to 24 keys in a matrix arrangement, which is useful for applications such as remote controls or other input devices.

Part Number: TM1628

Function: LED Controller driven on a 1/7 to 1/8 duty factor.

Package: SSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Titan Micro Integrated Circuit

TM1628 pinout


The TM1628 is an LED Controller driven on a 1/7 to 1/8 duty factor. Eleven segment output lines, six grid output lines, 1 segment/grid output lines, one display memory, control circuit, key scan circuit are all incorporated into a single chip to build a highly reliable peripheral device for a single chip microcomputer. Serial data is fed to TM1628 via a three-line serial interface.

Housed in a 28-pin SO Package, Device pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB Layout and cost saving advantages.

It includes a variety of features to control the display brightness and intensity. It has 16 levels of brightness control and supports both static and dynamic display modes.

Block Diagram :

TM1628 datasheet, block diagram


• CMOS Technology

• Low Power Consumption

• Multiple Display Modes (12 segment, 6 Grid to 11 segment, 7 Grid)

• Key Scanning (8 x 2 Matrix)

• 8-Step Dimming Circuitry

• Serial Interface for Clock, Data Input/Output, Strobe Pins

• Available in 28-pin, SOP Package


• Micro-computer Peripheral Device

• VCR set

• Combi set

TM1628 Datasheet PDF Download

TM1628 pdf


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TA7666P Datasheet – 5 Step Logarithmic Dual LED Driver

Part Number: TA7666P

Function: 5 Step Logarithmic Dual LED Driver

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba


TA7666P datasheet



Both of the TA7666P and the TA7667P consist of two inverting amplifiers, ten comparators and a reference voltage network.  It is suitable for stereo radio cassette applications becasue of dual type.


1. Suitable for Stereo LED Drvier

2. Wide Supply Voltage Range : Vcc = 6 ~ 12 V

3. Low Quiscent Current

4. Variable Voltage Gain Because of Inverting Amplifier

5. Easy Arragement for Dual 10 LED Driver

Block Diagram



1. Easy to use and integrate into various circuits
2. High-quality audio output
3. Can drive a wide range of speaker impedances
4. Provides thermal shutdown protection to prevent damage to the IC in case of overheating


1. Limited output power compared to higher-end audio amplifiers
2. May require additional components to achieve optimal performance
3. May not be suitable for high-fidelity audio applications

Maximum Ratings

1. Supply Voltage : Vcc = 14 V

2. Output Current : Io = 30 mA

3. Power Dissipation : Pd = 750 mW


Other data sheets are available within the file:

TA7666, TA7667, TA7667P


TA7666P Datasheet PDF Download

TA7666P pdf

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