SM2082D PDF Datasheet – LED Driver Controller Chip

Part Number: SM2082D

Function: Constant Current LED Driver Controller Chip

Package: TO252-2 Pin

Manufacturer: Linkage ( Goston Electronics )


SM2082D pinout circuit



The SM2082D is a single-channel LED constant current drive control chip, the chip uses the company’s patented constant current setting and control technology, the output current from the external Rext resistor set to 5mA ~ 60mA, and the output current does not change with the chip OUT port voltage, Constant current performance. The system structure is simple, the external components are few, the program cost is low.


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SM2082D pdf datasheet


1. Our patented constant current control technology

(1) OUT port output current is external adjustable, Fan 5mA to 60mA

(2) Output current deviation between chips <± 4%

2. With overheating protection

3. Chip can be shared with the PCB PCB board

4. Chip application system without EMI problem

5. Line is simple, low cost



1. LED street lamp

2. LED bulb lamp, LED ceiling lamp


SM2082D PDF Datasheet

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OB3362F PDF Datasheet – 4-Ch, High Performance LED Driver

Part Number: OB3362F

Function: 4 Channels High Performance LED Driver

Package: ESOP, DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: On-Bright


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OB3362F pdf datasheet


The OB3362F is a highly integrated and high performance LED driver that optimized for LCD
backlight application. It integrates a boost driver and 4 channels of current balancer that optimized
to drives multi LED arrays, and thus provides a high performance LED backlight solution with minimized BOM count.

The OB3362F contains a PWM boost driver which uses current mode control and fixed frequency
operation. The operation frequency can be programmed by setting external resistor value at RI pin.



1. 10V gate drive, better MOS compatibility

2. High Efficiency and Compact Size

3. 6V to 30V Input Voltage Range

4. 3% Matching Accuracy Between 4 LED Strings Control Current

5. 100KHz~600KHz Operating Frequency

6. Internal/External PWM Dimming

7. Very Low Standby Power

8. Programmable Over Voltage Protection

9. Under Voltage Lockout(UVLO)

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OB3362F pdf led driver


1. LCD Monitor


3. Flat panel display

OB3362F PDF Datasheet

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