EM78P5841NPJ Datasheet PDF- 8-Bit Microcontroller

Part Number: EM78P5841NPJ

Function: 8-Bit Microcontroller

Package: DIP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ELAN Microelectronics

Image and pinout :

EM78P5841NPJ datasheet pinout


The EM78P5840N / EM78P5841N / EM78P5842N, EM78P5841NPJ series are 8-bit RISC architecture microcontroller devices designed and developed with low-power, high-speed CMOS technology. Each of these devices has on-chip 4K×13-bit Electrical One Time Programmable Read Only Memory (OTP-ROM). It provides a protection bit to prevent intrusion of user’s OTP memory code as well as from unwanted external accesses. A number of one-time programmable option bits are also available to meet user’s application requirements. [ … ]


1. 4K x 13 OTP-ROM
2. 144 x 8 general propose RAM
3. 19 bi-directional and three input-only general purpose I/O
4. 8-level stack for subroutine nesting
5. 8-bit real time clock/counter (TCC)
6. One 8-bit counter interrupt
7. On-chip watchdog timer (WDT)
8. Single-instruction cycle commands

EM78P5841NPJ Datasheet