HEL-10D471K PDF – 470V, 10 Pie, Varistor

A varistor is an electronic component used to protect sensitive electronic circuits and devices from voltage spikes, transients, and overvoltage events. It is a type of voltage-dependent resistor (VDR) that exhibits a highly nonlinear current-voltage characteristic.

Varistors are constructed using semiconductor materials, and their resistance decreases significantly as the voltage across them increases. When the voltage is below a certain threshold, the varistor has a high resistance, which helps to protect the circuit. However, when a voltage surge or transient occurs, the varistor’s resistance drops rapidly, allowing it to divert excess current away from the sensitive components.

Part Number: HEL-10D471K

Function: 470V, 10 Pie, Varistor

Package: Radial Type

Manufacturer: Hongzhi Enterprises

Images:HEL-10D471K pdf datasheet


HEL-10D471K is 470V, Varistor.

Varistors are electronic components that are used to protect circuits from voltage surges and transient overvoltages. They are also known as voltage-dependent resistors or VDRs.

The “10D” in “10D471K” indicates the series of the varistor. The “10D” series is a commonly used type of varistor.

The “471” in “10D471K” represents the nominal varistor voltage rating. In this case, it means the varistor has a nominal voltage rating of 470 volts.

The “K” in “10D471K” indicates the tolerance class of the varistor. Tolerance classes specify the allowable variation in the voltage rating. In this case, the “K” tolerance class indicates that the actual voltage rating of the varistor can vary within specified limits.


HEL-10D471K varistor

HEL-10D471K PDF Datasheet

HEL-10D471K pdf

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