HRD12003 PDF Datasheet – 12V, DC/DC Converter

Part Number: HRD12003

Function: Non-isolated DC/DC Converter

Manufacturer: Shindengen

Images:HRD12003 pdf converter

HRD12003 is 12V, Non-isolated DC/DC Converter. Members of the HR series consist of non-isolated DC/DC converter modules employing a chopper circuit.

A DC/DC converter, also known as a voltage converter or DC-DC converter, is an electronic circuit or device that converts one voltage level of direct current (DC) to another voltage level of DC. It plays a crucial role in electronics and electrical systems by enabling efficient power conversion and voltage regulation. DC/DC converters are used in a wide range of applications to provide power supply solutions and control voltage levels as needed.


1. Fixed switching frequency system : 300 kHz.

2. Overcurrent protection function

HRD12003 datasheet


HRD12003 PDF Datasheet

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