JD3-4532-CC PDF – 30mm, DC Motor – Transmotec

Part Number: JD3-4532-CC

Function: 30mm, DC Motor

Manufacturer: Transmotec ( https://www.transmotec.com/ )


JD3-4532-CC PDF Datasheet DC Motor


JD3-4532-CC is DC Motor. A DC motor, short for Direct Current motor, is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical motion. It operates on the principle of the interaction between a magnetic field and electric current to generate rotational movement.

When a voltage is applied to the DC motor, current flows through the armature coil, and the interaction between the armature’s magnetic field and the magnetic field from the permanent magnets or field windings causes the armature to rotate. The commutator ensures that the current direction in the armature coil changes as it rotates, keeping the motor turning in the same direction.

DC motors are widely used in various applications, ranging from small electronic devices, such as toys and appliances, to larger industrial equipment, like electric vehicles, robots, and machine tools. They offer advantages such as simplicity, ease of speed control, and good torque characteristics.


1. Diameter (mm): 30

2. Lenth (mm): 46.6

3. Nominal voltage (V): 9.6

4. Nominal speed (rpm):16800

5. Nominal torque (mNm): 23.9

6. Nominal current:5.6A

7. No load speed (rpm):20000

8. No load current: 0.80A

9. Stall torque (mNm):162.9

10. Starting current (A): 36.4

11. Output (W):39

12. Efficiency (%): 72



JD3-4532-CC PDF Datasheet