L9110 Datasheet – Motor Control Driver Chip ( PDF )

This is motor drive IC.

Part Number: L9110

Function: Motor control driver chip

Package: DIP 8, SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ASIC ( https://asic.gov.au/ )


L9110 datasheet


L9110, The ASIC device control and drive motor design two-channel push-pull power amplifier
discrete circuits integrated into a monolithic IC, peripheral devices and reduce the cost, improve the reliability of the whole. This chip has two TTL / CMOS compatible with the level of the input, with good resistance; two output terminals can directly forward and reverse movement of the drive motor, it has a large current driving capability, each channel through 750 ~ 800mA of continuous current, peak current capability up to 1.5 ~ 2.0A; while it has a low output saturation voltage; built-in clamp diode reverse the impact of the current release inductive load it in the drive relays, DC motors, stepper motor or switch power tube use on safe and reliable. L9110 is widely used in toy car motor drives, stepper motor drive and switching power tube circuit.



L9110 pinout driver


1. Low quiescent current
2. Wide supply voltage range : 2.5V-12V;
3. 800mA continuous current output capability per channel
4. Lower saturation voltage
5. TTL / CMOS output level compatible, and can be directly connected to the CPU
6. Output built-in clamp diodes for inductive load
7. Integrated control and drive into a monolithic IC
8. With pin high-voltage protection function
9. Operating temperature: 0 ℃ -80 ℃.

L9110 Datasheet