MIP2K20MS PDF – Silicon MOSFET Type IC

The Part Number is MIP2K20MS.

Marking Symbol is MIP2K2

The function of this semiconductor is Silicon MOS FET type integrated circuit.

The package is DIP 7 Pin type

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Preview images :

MIP2K20MS pinout


The MIP2K20MS is Silicon MOS FET type integrated circuit.


1. Built-in jitter function

2. Built-in charge protection circuit

3. Built-in overheating, loadshorting and overvoltage protection circuits


Code DIP7-A1

Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25°C±3°C
Parameter Symbol Rating Unit
DRAIN voltage VD – 0.3 to +700 V
VCC voltage VCC – 0.3 to +45 V
VDD voltage VDD – 0.3 to +8 V
Feedback voltage VFB – 0.3 to +8 V
Feedback current IFB 500 mA
CL pin voltage VCL – 0.3 to +8 V
CL pin current ICL 150 mA
Output peak current * IDP 0.95 A
Channel temperature Tch 150 °C
Storage temperature Tstg -55 to +150 °C […]

MIP2K20MS pdf datasheet

MIP2K20MS PDF Datasheet

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