NS4358 PDF – Surround Sound Digital Audio Amplifier

Part Number: NS4358

Function: 2.1-channel 5W + 3W X 2 + 3D surround sound digital audio amplifier

Package: TQFN4×4-28 and SOP-28

Manufacturer: Nsiway


NS4358 pdf audio amplifier


NS4358 is an ultra-low EMI, filter-free, 5W+3W×2 high-efficiency 2.1-channel + 3D surround sound Class D audio power amplifier. NS4358 adopts advanced technology to greatly reduce EMI interference in the full bandwidth range and minimize the impact on other components
Influence. Its output PWM modulation structure without filter and built-in feedback resistor reduces external components, and integrates 2.1 channel function, 3D surround sound function and band-pass filter on a single chip, requiring very few external components. Maximum savings in PCB area and system cost.

NS4358 has built-in over-current protection, over-heat protection and under-voltage protection functions, which can effectively protect the chip from being damaged under abnormal working conditions. And the use of spread spectrum technology to fully optimize the new circuit design, the efficiency of up to 90% is more suitable for low-voltage, high-power output audio systems.

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NS4358 pinout datasheet


1. 3D surround sound and 2.1-channel function with integrated band-pass filter are realized on a single chip

2. Output power (5V power supply): 5W(2Ω load)+ 3W×2(4Ω load)

3. Working voltage range: 3.0V~5.25V

4. 0.1%THD+N (1.5W output power, 2Ω load, 5V power supply)

5. Excellent full-bandwidth EMI suppression capability

6. Excellent “power on, power off” noise suppression

7. Up to 90% efficiency

8. High PSRR: -80dB (217Hz)

9. Overcurrent protection, overheat protection, undervoltage protection


1. Laptop

2. Desktop card audio

3. Desktop computer

4. Low voltage sound system

5. Music phone.

NS4358 PDF Datasheet