OB6561P – (OB6561P / OB6563) High Performance PFC Controller

Part Number: OB6561P

Function: (OB6561P / OB6563) High Performance PFC Controller

Manufacturer: GreenEngine


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OB6561P/OB6563 High Performance PFC Controller


OB6561P/OB6563 is a high performance transition mode(TM) Power Factor Correction(PFC) control IC. Designed with OnBright patented proprietary technology, OB6561P/OB6563 optimizes tradition transition mode control easily achieving system power factor to close to 1 with very low THD. OB6561P/OB6563 is full compliant with both IEC61000-3-2 and JEIDA- MITI requirements on THD control. AC/DC IC Product


Transition mode operation with built-in analog multiplier THD optimization System open loop protection Proprietary audio noise elimination Dynamic and static output over voltage protection(OVP) Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting Burst mode control for improved efficiency at light load External ENA/disable control Under voltage lockout with hysteresis (UVLO) Built in current sense filter, no external RC filter is needed Green mode operation (OB6563) Available in DIP8 and SOP8 packages,RoHS compliant Applications: LCD TV POWER Supply Adapter PC Power Lighting Power Typical Application: GreenEngineTM Technology for Green Power […]

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OB6561P Datasheet

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