LTK8002D PDF Datasheet – Class-AB Audio Amplifier

This post explains for the Audio Amplifier. A Class-AB audio amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier that’s commonly used to amplify audio signals for driving speakers. It’s a compromise between the high efficiency of Class D amplifiers and the low distortion of Class A amplifiers. Class-AB amplifiers are widely employed in various audio applications due to their good balance between power efficiency and sound quality.

The Part Number is LTK8002D.

The function of this IC is Class-AB Audio Amplifier.

The package : SOP 8 Pin Type



LTK8002D datasheet circuit diagram


This device is a 3W, mono AB audio power amplifier chip. The working voltage is 2V-5V, and the BTL bridge connection mode can provide 4Ω load with a THD less than 10% and an average output power of 3.0W under a 5V power supply voltage. In shutdown mode, the current typical value is less than 0.5uA.

LTK8002D is specially designed to provide high-power, high-fidelity audio output. It only requires a small number of peripheral components and can work under low voltage conditions (2V-5V). LTK8002D does not require coupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors or buffer networks, so it is very suitable for low-volume, low-power systems.

Class-AB audio amplifiers are commonly used in home audio systems, car audio systems, professional audio equipment, and more. They’re suitable for applications where a good balance between power efficiency and sound quality is desired.


LTK8002D datasheet amplifier


1. Built-in switch popping suppression circuit

2. 10% THD+N, VDD=5V, under 4Ω load, provide Up to 2.9W output power

3. 10% THD+N, VDD=5V, 8Ω load, provide Up to 1.8W output power

4. Shut-off current <0.5uA

5.  Package mode: SOP-8

6. Overheat protection


1. Plug-in speaker

2. Bluetooth speaker

3. Lithium battery amplifier

4. FM player

LTK8002D PDF Datasheet