SMR40000 Datasheet – SMPS Power Regulator, Power Supply

This post explains for the semiconductor SMR40000C.

The Part Number is SMR40000. The package is TO-3P-5 Type.

The function of this regulator is SMPS Power Regulator for samsung TV.

The package is ZIP 5 Pin Type.

Manufacturer: Sanken


SMR40000 pdf datasheet


This is TV Power Supply IC for Samsung TV.

An SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) is a type of power regulator commonly used in various electronic devices, including televisions.

In a television, the SMPS serves as the power supply unit, converting the incoming AC voltage from the wall outlet into the required DC voltage levels for different components within the TV. It regulates and delivers stable DC voltages to power the display panel, audio system, control circuits, and other components.


SMR40000 pinout

TV power supply ICs (Integrated Circuits) are specialized components designed to provide power regulation and management functions in television sets. These ICs are responsible for converting the incoming AC voltage from the power source into the various DC voltages required by different components within the TV.

SMR40000 circuit


1. PWM Controller ICs: These ICs provide the control and regulation functions for the power supply. They generate the switching signals that drive the high-frequency switching circuitry, control the duty cycle or frequency of the switching waveform, and regulate the output voltages based on feedback information.

2. Power Factor Correction (PFC) ICs: PFC ICs are used to improve the power factor of the TV’s power supply. They help reduce harmonic distortion and improve the overall efficiency of the power supply by optimizing the input current waveform.

3. Buck Converter ICs: Buck converter ICs are employed to step down the voltage from the power supply to levels suitable for powering various components within the TV. They provide efficient voltage regulation by controlling the switching of the power transistor and adjusting the duty cycle to maintain the desired output voltage.

SMR40000 PDF Datasheet

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