TDA4918A Datasheet – DIP 20, SMPS, Bipolar IC

Part Number: TDA4918A, Q67000-A8021

Function:  SMPS – IC with SIPMOS Driver Output

Package: P-DIP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Simenes


TDA4918A datasheet smps


The versatile switch-mode power supply ICs for the direct control of SIPMOS power transistors comprise digital and analog functions. These functions are required for the design of high-quality flyback and forward converters during single-phare and push-pull operation in normal, half-bridge and full-bridge configurations.

A versatile switch-mode power supply (SMPS) IC refers to an integrated circuit that provides the functionality and features required for creating efficient and flexible power supply solutions. These ICs are designed to regulate and convert electrical power efficiently, typically from a higher voltage source to a lower voltage output.

Versatile SMPS ICs are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, industrial equipment, telecommunications, automotive electronics, and more.


TDA4918A pinout siemens



1. Switching frequency up to 300 kHz ( TDA 4919 ) or 150 kHz ( TDA 4918 )
2. Push-pull output driver with + 700 mA / – 500 mA
3. Separate GND for the driver outputs
4. Feed-forward control
5. Soft start
6. Hysteresis adjustable at overvoltage and undervoltage comparator
7. Current mode and voltage mode operation are possible

TDA4918A Datasheet


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