SRE-12VDC-SL-2C PDF – 12V, RELAY, Songle

Part Number: SRE-12VDC-SL-2C

Function: 12V, 2 form C Type, RELAY

Package: PCB Type

Manufacturer: Songle


SRE-12VDC-SL-2C pinout datasheet


The SRE-12VDC-SL-2C is 12V, Songle Realy. A 12V, 2 form C relay refers to a specific type of relay with a 12-volt operating voltage and a 2 form C (also known as 2C or DPDT – Double Pole Double Throw) configuration.

Here’s what each part of the specification means:

(1) 12V: This indicates the operating voltage of the relay. In this case, the relay is designed to operate with a voltage of 12 volts DC (Direct Current). The relay coil is energized with this voltage to activate the switching action.

(2) 2 form C: The term “2 form C” refers to the contact configuration of the relay. It means that the relay has two sets of common (C) contacts and can switch between two separate positions. Each set of contacts typically has a normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contact. When the relay is energized, both sets of common contacts switch from one position to the other.

Relays with a 2 form C configuration are commonly used when you need a single relay to switch between two different circuits or states simultaneously. The presence of two sets of contacts provides greater flexibility for control and switching applications.


• Small size and low cost.

• Low coil power consumption.

• PCB mounting.

• Switching capacity from 1A to 5A.

• Sealed type available.


2. Applications:

• Audio equipment.

• Communication equipment.

• Remote control.

• Acoustic controlled toys.

3. ORDERING INFORMATION SRE Model of relay SRE XX VDC Nominal coil voltage 05 06 09 12 24VDC S Structure S:Sealed type F:Flux free type L Coil sensitivity L:0.45W D: Special 2C Contact form 2A:2 form A 2C:2 form C 4. RATING 5A/125VAC 14VDC 3A/240VAC 28VDC UL/CUL FILE NUMBER: E167996 1A/120VAC 28VDC 3A/125VAC 28VDC 5. DIMENSION(unit:mm) DRILLING(unit:mm) WIRING DIAGRAM 1 6. COIL DATA CHART (AT20 C) Coil Sensitivity SRE (High Sensitivity) Coil Voltage Code 03 05 06 09 12 Nominal Voltage (VDC) 3 5 6 9 12 Nominal Coil Power Pull-In Drop-Ou Max-Allowab Current Resistance Consumption Voltage t Voltage le Voltage (mA) (Ω) ±10% (W) (VDC) (VDC) (VDC) 120 25 71.4 70 60 100 40 30 220 400 abt. 0.36W 75% Max. 10% Min. 110% 24 24 15 1600 03 3 150 20 SRE (Standard) 05 06 09 5 90.9 55 abt. 0.45W 75% Max. 10% 110% 6 75 80 Min. 9 50 180 12 12 37.5 320 24 24 18.7 1200 abt. 0.48W 7. CONTACT RATING Item Type Contact Capacity Resistive Load(cosΦ=1) 5A 110VAC 5A 28VDC SRE 1A 110VAC 1A 28VDC 9.REFERENCE DATA Coil Temperature Rise 60 Inductive Load (cosΦ=0.4 L/R=7msec) Rated Carrying Current 2A 110VAC 2A 28VDC 5A 0.3A 110VAC 0.3A 28VDC 1A 50 40 Max. Allowable Voltage Max. Allowable Current Max. Allowable Power Force 250VAC 50VDC 5A 1A 550VA 140W 110VAC 28W 30 20 ReferencedMin.7 ops. Min. (no load) 105 ops. Min. (at rated coil voltage) abt. 12grs. 3 2 1 0123456 Current of Load (A) 2 […]


SRE-12VDC-SL-2C pdf relay

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SRE-12VDC-SL-2C PDF Datasheet