SLA-12VDC-S-L-C PDF – 12V, Songle, Relay

Part Number: SLA-12VDC-S-L-C

Function: 12V, 1 form C, Relay

Package: PCB Type

Manufacturer: Songle

Images:SLA-12VDC-S-L-C relay pinout


A 12V, 1 form C relay, SLA-12VDC-S-L-C refers to a specific type of relay with a 12-volt operating voltage and 1 form C (also known as 1C or SPDT – Single Pole Double Throw) configuration.

Here’s what each part of the specification means:

(1) 12V: This indicates the operating voltage of the relay. In this case, the relay is designed to operate with a voltage of 12 volts DC (Direct Current). The relay coil is energized with this voltage to activate the switching action.

(2) 1 form C: The term “1 form C” refers to the contact configuration of the relay. It means that the relay has a single set of common (C) contacts and can switch between two separate positions. In the normal state, the common contact is connected to one of the other two contacts (usually referred to as normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC)). When the relay is energized, the common contact switches from one position to the other.

Relays are electromechanical devices that use an electromagnetic coil to control the switching of contacts. They are commonly used in various applications, such as control systems, automation, automotive electronics, and power distribution. The 1 form C configuration is particularly useful when you need a single relay to switch between two different circuits or states.

MAIN Features:

1. Up to 30A switching in SPST and 20A switching in spot arrangements.

2. Available as an open-frame .relay, with a snap-on dust cover or with an immersion cleanable, plastic sealed case.


1. Used for power switching, Electrical Heater, ventilator, Air conditioning, Refrigerating, Automobile and House-hold Appliance.


SLA Model of relay SLA XX VDC Nominal coil voltage 05 06 09 12 18 24 48 110VDC S Structure S:Sealed type Coil L sensitivity C Contact form A:1 form A B:1 form B C:1 form C L:0.93W D:Special F:Flux free type 4. RATING 20A/28VDC 250VAC 30A/30VDC 250VAC CCC FILE NUMBER:CQC03001003728 UL/CUL FILE NUMBER: E179944 TUV FILE NUMBER: R50056114  […]


SLA-12VDC-S-L-C pdf datasheet

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SLA-12VDC-S-L-C PDF Datasheet