TC8002D PDF Datasheet – 3W, Audio Amplifier IC – Fuman

Part Number: TC8002D

Function: 3W, Audio Amplifier IC

Package: SOP, DIP, MSOP 8 Pin Type


Images:TC8002D pinout pdf


The TC8002D is a Class-AB audio power amplifier. It is capable of delivering 2.0 watts of
continuous average power to an 4Ω BTL load with less than 10% distortion (THD+N) from a
5VDC power supply, or 1.5 watts continuous average power to an 8 Ω BTL load with less than
1% distortion.

The 8002 is designed specifically to provide high quality output power with a minimal
amount of external components. It does not require output coupling capacitors or bootstrap

An audio power amplifier is an electronic device or circuit designed to amplify audio signals, such as those from musical instruments, microphones, or audio playback devices like CD players and smartphones. The primary function of an audio power amplifier is to increase the amplitude (voltage or current) of the input audio signal to a level suitable for driving speakers or headphones and producing sound with sufficient volume and clarity.


1. Improved PSRR at 217 Hz & 1 KHz 60 dB

2. Power output at 5.0V, 10% THD+N, 4Ω 2.0 W (typ.)

3. Power output at 5.0V, 1% THD+N, 8Ω 1.5 W (typ.)

4. 2.2V – 5.5V operation

5. Improved circuitry eliminates pop-click noise during turn-on and turn-off transitions

6. No output coupling capacitors, snubber networks or bootstrap capacitors required

7. Unity-gain stable

8. External gain configuration capability

TC8002D datasheet


1. Audio speakers

2. Desktop computers

3. Low voltage audio systems

TC8002D PDF Datasheet