AD8004AR-14-REEL7 Datasheet – AD8004 – Analog Devices

Part Number: AD8004AR-14-REEL7

Function : Quad 3000 V/us/ 35 mW Current Feedback Amplifier

Manufacturer: Analog Devices

AD8004AR-14-REEL7 Datasheet


The AD8004 is a quad, low power, high speed amplifier designed to operate on single or dual supplies. It utilizes a current feed back architecture and features high slew rate of 3000 V/µs making the AD8004 ideal for handling large amplitude pulses.


1. Image Scanners
2. Active Filters
3. Video Switchers
4. Special Effects

AD8004AR Block Diagram

AD8004AR-14-REEL7 Datasheet


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