AD8036 Datasheet – Clamping Amplifier, 8 Pin ( PDF )

Part Number: AD8036

Function: Low Distortion, Wide Bandwidth Voltage Feedback Clamp Amp

Package: DIP, SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD8036 datasheet



The AD8036 and AD8037 are wide bandwidth, low distortion clamping amplifiers. The AD8036 is unity gain stable. The IC is stable at a gain of two or greater. These devices allow the designer to specify a high (VCH) and low (VCL) output clamp voltage. The output signal will clamp at these specified levels. Utilizing a unique patent pending CLAMPIN™ input clamp architecture, the AD8036 and AD8037 offer a 10× improvement in clamp performance compared to traditional output clamping devices. In particular, clamp error is typically 3 mV or less and distortion in the clamp region is minimized. This product can be used as a classical op amp or a clamp amplifier where a high and low output voltage are specified.


1. Superb Clamping Characteristics
2. 3 mV Clamp Error
3. 1.5 ns Overdrive Recovery
4. Minimized Nonlinear Clamping Region
5. 240 MHz Clamp Input Bandwidth
6. 3.9 V Clamp Input Range
7. Wide Bandwidth AD8036 AD8037
8. Small Signal 240 MHz 270 MHz
9. Large Signal (4 V p-p) 195 MHz 190 MHz
10. Ultralow Distortion, Low Noise
11. 4.5 nV/√HzInput Voltage Noise
12. Slew Rate 1500 V/s
13. Settling 10 ns to 0.1%, 16 ns to 0.01%
14. 3 V to 5 V Supply Operation


1. ADC Buffer
2. IF/RF Signal Processing
2. High Quality Imaging
3. Broadcast Video Systems
4. Video Amplifier
5. Full Wave Rectifier

Other data sheets are available within the file:

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