AD813ACHIPS Datasheet PDF – Triple Video Amplifier

Part Number: AD813ACHIPS

Function: Single Supply, Low Power Triple Video Amplifier

Package: Die Form, DIP, SOIC 14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Image and Pinouts:

AD813ACHIPS datasheet


The AD813ACHIPS is a low power, single supply triple video amplifier. Each of the three current feedback amplifiers has 50 mA of output current, and is optimized for driving one back-terminated video load (150 Ω). The AD813 features gain flatness of 0.1 dB to 50 MHz while offering differential gain and phase error of 0.03% and 0.06°. This makes the AD813 ideal for broadcast and consumer video electronics.


1. Low Cost

2. Three Video Amplifiers in One Package

3. Optimized for Driving Cables in Video Systems

4. Excellent Video Specifications (RL = 150 V)
(1) Gain Flatness 0.1 dB to 50 MHz
(2 )0.03% Differential Gain Error
(3) 0.068 Differential Phase Error

5. Low Power
(1) Operates on Single +3 V to 615 V Power Supplies
(2) 5.5 mA/Amplifier Max Power Supply Current

6. High Speed

(1) 125 MHz Unity Gain Bandwidth (–3 dB)
(2)500 V/ms Slew Rate

7. High Speed Disable Function per Channel
(1) Turn-Off Time 80 ns

8. Easy to Use

(1) 50 mA Output Current
(2)Output Swing to 1 V of Rails

Other data sheets are available within the file: AD813AN, AD813AR-14, AD813AR-REEL, AD813AR-REEL7

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