AD8153 Datasheet – XStream Single Buffered Mux/Demux Switch

Part Number: AD8153

Function: XStream 3.2 Gbps Single Buffered Mux/Demux Switch

Package: 32-lead LFCSP Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD8153 datasheet


The AD8153 is an asynchronous, protocol agnostic, single-lane 2:1 switch with three differential CML inputs and three differential CML outputs. The AD8159, another member of the Xstream line of products, is suitable for similar applications that require more than one lane. The AD8153 is optimized for NRZ signaling with data rates of up to 3.2 Gbps per port. Each port offers two levels of input equalization and four levels of output pre-emphasis. The device consists of a 2:1 multiplexer and a 1:2 demultiplexer. There are three operating modes: pin mode, serial mode, and
mixed mode. In pin mode, lane switching, equalization, and pre-emphasis are controlled exclusively using external pins. In serial mode, an I2C interface is used to control the device and to provide access to advanced features, such as additional pre-emphasis settings and output disable. In mixed mode, the user accesses the advanced features using I2C, but controls lane switching using the external pins.

Single lane 2:1 mux/1:2 demux
3.2 Gbps to dc data rates
Compensates over 40 inches of FR4 at 3.2 Gbps through
Two levels of input equalization, or
Four levels of output pre-emphasis
Operates with ac- or dc-coupled differential I/O
Low deterministic jitter, typically 16 ps p-p
Low random jitter, typically 500 fs rms
On-chip terminations
Unicast or bicast on 1:2 demux function
Loopback capability on all ports
3.3 V core supply
Flexible I/O supply
Low power, typically 200 mW in basic configuration
32-lead LFCSP package
−40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
Low cost redundancy switch
SONET OC48/SDH16 and lower data rates
Gigabit Ethernet over backplane
Fibre Channel 1.06 Gbps and 2.12 Gbps over backplane
Serial RapidIO
PCI Express Gen 1
Infiniband over backplane

VCC= VTTI= VTTO= 3.3 V, VEE= 0 V, RL= 50 Ω, two outputs active with no pre-emphasis, data rate = 3.2 Gbps, ac-coupled, PRBS7 test
pattern, VID= 800 mV p-p, TA= 25°C, unless otherwise noted.

Other data sheets are available within the file: AD8153-EVALZ, AD8153ACPZ, AD8153ACPZ-RL7

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