AD8307AR Datasheet PDF – 92 dB, Logarithmic Amplifier

Part Number: AD8307AR

Function: Low Cost, DC to 500 MHz, 92 dB Logarithmic Amplifier

Package: SIOC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD8307AR datasheet pdf




The AD8307 is the first logarithmic amplifier made available in an 8-lead SOIC_N package. It is a complete 500 MHz monolithic demodulating logarithmic amplifier based on the progressive compression (successive detection) technique, providing a dynamic range of 92 dB to ±3 dB law conformance and 88 dB to a tight ±1 dB error bound at all frequencies up to 100 MHz.



1. Complete multistage logarithmic amplifier
2. 92 dB dynamic range: –75 dBm to +17 dBm to –90 dBm using matching network
3. Single supply of 2.7 V minimum at 7.5 mA typ
4. DC to 500 MHz operation, ±1 dB linearity
5. Slope of 25 mV/dB, intercept of −84 dBm
6. Highly stable scaling over temperature
7.Fully differential dc-coupled signal path
8. 100 ns power-up time, 150 μA sleep current


1. Conversion of signal level to decibel form
2. Transmitter antenna power measurement
3. Receiver signal strength indication (RSSI)
4. Low cost radar and sonar signal processing

Other data sheets are available within the file: AD8307, AD8307AN, AD8307ANZ, AD8307ARZ

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