AD8561 PDF – Single Supply Comparator

This post explains for the Comparator.

The Part Number is AD8561.

The function of this semiconductor is Ultrafast 7 ns Single Supply Comparator.

The package is SOIC or DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Preview images :

AD8561 pinout datasheet


The AD8561 is a single 7 ns comparator with separate input and output sections. Separate supplies enable the input stage to be operated from ±5 V dual supplies and +5 V single supplies. Fast 7 ns propagation delay makes the AD8561 a good choice for timing circuits and line receivers. Propagation delays for rising and falling signals are closely matched and track over temperature. This matched delay makes the AD8561 a good choice for clock recovery, since the duty cycle of the output will match the duty cycle of the input.

The AD8561 has the same pinout as the LT1016, with lower supply current and a wider common-mode input range, which includes the negative supply rail. […]

AD8561 pdf


1. High Speed Timing
2. Clock Recovery and Clock Distribution
3. Line Receivers
4. Digital Communications
5. Phase Detectors
6. High Speed Sampling
7. Read Channel Detection
8. PCMCIA Cards
9. Upgrade for LT1016 Designs

AD8561 PDF Datasheet