ADXL150 Datasheet PDF – Single Axis Accelerometer – AD

Part Number: ADXL150

Function: Low Noise, Low Power, Single Axis iMEMS Accelerometer

Package: SOP 14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


ADXL150 datasheet



The ADXL150 and ADXL250 are third generation ±50g surface micromachined accelerometers. These improved replacements for the ADXL50 offer lower noise, wider dynamic range,reduced power consumption and improved zerogbias drift.The ADXL150 is a single axis product; the ADXL250 is a fully integrated dual axis accelerometer with signal conditioning on a single monolithic IC, the first of its kind available on the commercial market. The two sensitive axes of the ADXL250 are orthogonal (90°) to each other. Both devices have their sensitive axes in the same plane as the silicon chip.


1. Complete Acceleration Measurement System on a Single Monolithic IC
2. 80dB Dynamic Range
3. Pin Programmable +-50g or +-25g Full Scale
4. Low Noise : 1 mg/√HzTypical
5. Low Power: <2 mA per Axis
6. Supply Voltages as Low as 4 V
7. 2-Pole Filter On-Chip
8. Ratiometric Operation
9. Complete Mechanical & Electrical Self-Test
10. Dual & Single Axis Versions Available
11. Surface Mount Package

Other data sheets are available within the file: ADXL150AQC, ADXL150JQC, ADXL250, ADXL250AQC

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