AK8825VG Datasheet PDF – Multi Format Video Encoder

Part Number: AK8825VG

Function: HD/SD Multi Format Video Encoder with 3ch DAC

Package: 57 pin FBGA Type

Manufacturer: Asahi Kasei Microdevices

AK8825VG datasheet


The AK8825VG is a HD/SD TV Video Encoder with onchip 3-channel 10bit DAC.

As input data, in SDTV encoder mode, SMTE-125M / ITUR-R.BT601, 656 compatible Y/Cb/Cr 4:2:2 formats (8bit) are accepted and in HDTV encoder mode, SMPTE-274M(1080i), SMPTE296M (720p) compatibleY/Cb/Cr 4:2:2 formats (8bit x 2) are accepted.

As input data capture method, either a Synchronous mode to be made by detecting encoded EAV signal or a mode to synchronize with externally-fed H/V SYNC signal is selectable.

Outputs of CVBS / SDY / SDC and HDY / HDPB / HDPR and R / G / B analog signal can be output exclusively.  VBI signal and Macrovision signal can be also superimposed on output in addition to Video signals by register setting.

AK8825 supports I2C compatible interface as Micro-Processor interface.

Block Diagram :



1. Component Video Encoder
(1) Compatible Input Data

SMPTE125M-1995 / ITU-R BT601 (525i/625i)
SMPTE293M-1996 / ITU-R BT1358 (525p/625p)
SMPTE274M-1998 (1080i)
SMPTE296M-2001 (720p)

2. Common Specification

(1) 10bit DAC x 3ch (max operating speed 150MHz)

(2) I2C BUS I/F (400kHz) compatible

(3) Power Down mode

(4) Internal VREF Circuit

(5) 3.0V / 1.8V VCC

Other data sheets are available within the file: AK8825, AK8825VN

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