LDTS24A Datasheet PDF – 24V, TVS, Diode, Rectifier

Part Number: LDTS24A

Function: 24V, 3000 Watt, Diode, Rectifier ( Transient Voltage Suppressor )

Package: TO-3, TO-204AD Type

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation


LDTS24A datasheet



This LDTS24A series is used in automotive and vehicular applications where further protection may be required for load-dump and field-decay transients. This type of protection is needed when the battery is disconnected while the engine and alternator are still operating. This produces prolonged severe transients requiring additional transient voltage suppressor design considerations beyond those ratings specified for other conventional TVS components.


1. Unidirectional TVS series DC power applications

2. Low Clamping ratio

3. Working voltage(Vwm) range of 14 volts to 48volts

4. Hermetically sealed TO-3 package

5. Low thermal resistance

6. Dissiptes heat from prolonged transients

7. Consult factory for other package options including surface mount


Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. 3000 Watts of Peak Pulse Power dissipation at 50 ms

2 T clamping (0 volts to V(BR) min.): Less than 100 pico seconds (theoretical)

3. Storage temperature : -50 to +200 °C

4. Operating temperature : -50 to +175 °C


Other data sheets are available within the file: LDTS14, LDTS14A, LDTS24, LDTS30

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