AM2GW-NZ PDF Datasheet – 2W, DC-DC Converter

This post explains for the converter.

The Part Number is AM2GW-NZ.

The Package is SIP 9 Pin Type.

Manufacturer: AIMTEC

Preview images :AM2GW-NZ pdf pinout


AM2GW-NZ is 2W, DC-DC Converter. A 2W DC-DC converter refers to a type of power conversion device that takes a direct current (DC) input voltage and converts it to another DC output voltage, while being capable of delivering up to 2 watts (W) of power. DC-DC converters are commonly used in various electronic applications to provide regulated voltage levels, isolate power sources, or adapt voltage levels to suit the needs of different components.


• RoHS compliant

• Ultra wide 4:1 input range

• Remote On/Off Control

• 9 pin SIP package

• Operating temperature -40°C to + 85°C

• Continuous Short circuit protection

• High efficiency up to 76%

• Low ripple and noise

AM2GW-NZ datasheet converter

AM2GW-NZ PDF Datasheet