AMS22U Datasheet PDF – Analog Rotary Position Sensor

Part Number: AMS22U

Function: Analog Rotary Position Sensor

Manufacturer: Bourns, Inc


AMS22U datasheet



This is Non-Contacting Analog Rotary Position Sensor.


1. Non-contacting magnetic technology

2. Highly resistant to vibration/shock

3. Highly resistant to fl uid/dust ingress

4. Programmable at factory for zero position

5. Robust design for industrial applications

6. Highly repeatable

7. Dual ball bearing

8. RoHS compliant


Electrical Characteristics1 (@ 25 °C)

1. VDD Supply Voltage : 5 V ± 10 %

2. Supply Current 2
(1) For Low Speed Processing (Code L) : 10 mA max.
(2)For High Speed Processing (Code H) : 20 mA max.

3. Output Signal (Single) : Analog

Other data sheets are available within the file: AMS22U5A1BLARL334


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