AN7522N PDF Datasheet – Silicon Monolithic Bipolar IC

This post explains for the Amplifier.

The Part Number is AN7522N.

The function of this semiconductor is BTL 5.0W x 2ch Power Amplifier.

The Package is SIIP 12 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic

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AN7522N pdf datasheet


The AN7522N is BTL 5.0W x 2ch Power Amplifier with Standby Function and Volume Function.

Prepared Checked Approved Product Specifications Ref No. Total Page Page No. A-1 9 1 AN7522N Silicon Monolithic Bipolar IC Structure Appearance Application Function SIL-12 Pin Plastic Package (Power Type with Fin) Low Frequency Amplifier. A No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Absolute Maximum Ratings Item Storage Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Operating Ambient Pressure Operating Constant


1. Vcc
2. Ch.1 Output (+)
3. GND (Ch.1 Output)
4. Ch.1 Output (-)
5. Standby
6. Ch.1 Input
7. GND (Input)
8. Ch.2 Input
9. Volume
10. Ch.2 Output (-)
11. GND (Ch.2 Output)
12. Ch.2 Output (+)



1. Low Frequency Amplifier



AN7522N Datasheet