AP89170 Datasheet PDF – 170sec, Voice OTP IC – Aplus

Part Number: AP89170, AP89341, AP89085

Function: Voice OTP IC

Package: DIP, SOP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: APLUS  INTEGRATED CIRCUITS ( http: //www.aplusinc.com.tw )


AP89170 voice otp


aP89341 / AP89170 / AP89085 series high performance Voice OTP is fabricated with Standard CMOS process with embedded 8M/4M/2M bits EPROM. It can store up to 341/170/85 sec voice massage with 4-bit ADPM compression at 6KHz sampling rate. 8-bit PCM is also available as user selectable option.

Three trigger modes, simple Key trigger mode, Parallel  CPU trigger mode and CPU serial command mode, facilitate different user interface. User selectable triggering and output signal  options provides maximum flexibility to various applications. Built-in resistor controlled oscillator, 8-bit current mode D/A output and PWM direct speaker driving output minimize the number of external components. PC controlled programmer and developing software are available.



1. Standard CMOS process.

2. Embedded 8M/4M/2MEPROM.

3. 341/170/85 sec Voi ce Length at 6KHz sampli ng and 4-bi t ADPCM compressi on.

4. Maxim um 254 voi ce groups.

5. Combi nati on of  voi ce bl ocks to extend pl ayback durati on.

7. 7680 tabl e entri es are avail abl e for voi ce bl ock combi nati ons.

8. User sel ectabl e PCM or ADPCM data compressi on


AP89170 datasheet pinout

1 S7 IO6 Trigger pin (I/O pin with internal pull-down)
2 S8 IO7 Trigger pin (I/O pin with internal pull-down)
3 VSS VSS Ground
4 VOUT1 – PWM output to drive speaker directly
5 VOUT2 – PWM output to drive speaker directly
6 VDD VDD Supply voltage
7 AVDD AVDD Analog supply voltage
8 VPP VPP Supply voltage for OTP programming
9 OSC ACLK Oscillator input
10 COUT – D/A current output
11 AVSS AVSS Analog ground
12 OUT3 – Programmable output (I/O pin)
13 OUT2 SIO Programmable output (I/O pin)
14 OUT1 OEB Programmable output (I/O pin)
15 RST DCLK Reset pin (input pin with internal pull-down)
16 SBT PGM Trigger pin (I/O pin with internal pull-down)
17 M1 M1 Mode select pin 1 (input with internal pull-down)
18 M0 M0 Mode select pin 0 (input with internal pull-down)
19 ~ 24 S1~S6 IO0~IO5 Trigger input (I/O pin with internal pull-down)


AP89170 Datasheet


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