CD2399 Datasheet PDF – Surround Reverb Sound Processor

Part Number: CD2399, CD2399MN

Function: Surround Reverb Sound Processor

Package:  DIP 16 Pin type



CD2399 Surround reverb sound processor



The CD2399 is a surround reverb sound processing circuit, mainly for television, stereo, karaoke OK reverb and other audio equipment. Built-in operational amplifiers, VCO, A / DC, D / AC, SRAM (40Kb) and delay time control circuit, Fine tune the effect of delay time. In addition, CD2399 only 16 pins, few external components required to help simplify the PCB layout and can be more cost savings.



CD2399 datasheet pinout



1. Working voltage: 4.5V ~ 5.5V

2. Auto reset function

3. Low noise: echo reverberation mode -85dB; surround mode-90dB

4. Low harmonic distortion: echo reverberation mode THD <1%; surround mode THD <0.2%

5. Built-in 40Kb SRAM

6. The frequency of the VCO can be adjusted by an external resistor

7. ADM algorithm


CD2399 Datasheet PDF




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