APL5509-15VC-TR Datasheet PDF – Fixed Voltage Regulator

Part Number: APL5509-15VC-TR

Function: 1.5 V, Low IQ, Low Dropout 560 mA Fixed Voltage Regulator

Package: SOT-23-3, SOT-89, or SOT-223 Type

Manufacturer: Anpec Electronics

Image and Pinouts:

APL5509-15VC-TR datasheet



The APL5508 / APL5508R / APL5509 / APL5509R / APL5509-15VC-TR is low-power  and low dropout  li near  regulator,  which  operates  in  the  rage  of 2.7V to 6V input voltage and delivers up to 560mA output current. T ypical dropout voltage is only 600mV (typical) at 560mA output current. The  APL5508/5508R/5509/5509R regulator with low 60mA quiescent current is ideal for battery powered system appliances. The APL5508/5508R/5509/5509R regulator is stable with a 4. 7mF cerami ccapacitor.

The features of current-limit, short circuit current limit, and over-temperature protecti on protect the device against current over loads and over temperature.


• Low Quiescent Current : 60mA (No load)

• Low Dropout Voltage : 600mV (@560mA)

• Very Low Shutdown Current : < 0.5mA

• Fixed Output Voltage : 1.5V ~ 4.5V by Step 0.1V Increment

• Stable with Aluminum, T antalum, or Ceramic Capacitors

• No Protection Diodes Needed

• Built-In Thermal Protection

• Built-In Current-Limit Protection

• Controlled Short Circuit Current : 50mA

• Fast Transient Response

• Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant)


1. 5V to 3.3~4.3V Linear Regulators

2. 3.3V to 1.5~2.5V Linear Regulators

3. CD-R/W, DVD Player

4. LAN Card, ADSL/Cable Modem

5. Computers

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APL5509-15VC-TR Datasheet PDF Download

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