AS15-F PDF Datasheet – Voltage Buffer, TQFP48 (EC5575-F)

A voltage buffer, also known as a voltage follower or unity-gain buffer, is an electronic circuit or amplifier with a primary function: to replicate the input voltage at its output without amplifying or attenuating it. In essence, it provides a high input impedance and a low output impedance while maintaining the same voltage level as the input.

Part Number: AS15-F, EC5575-F

Function: 14+1 Channel Voltage Buffers for TFT LCD

Package: TQFP 48 Pin Type

Manufacturer: E-CMOS

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The AS15-F is a 14+1 channel voltage buffers that buffers reference voltage for gamma correction in a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD). This device incorporating a Vcom amplifier
circuits, four rail to rail buffer amplifier circuits (the highest two stage and lowest two stage) and 10 buffer amplifiers circuits.


1. Wide supply voltage range 6.5V ~ 18V

2. Rail-to-rail output swing (The highest two stage & lowest two stage)

3. High slew rate 1V/µs

4. GBWP 1 MHz

5. 2 MHz -3dB Bandwidth

6. Large Vcom Drive Current: ±100mA(Max)

AS15-F pdf pinout


1. TFT-LCD Reference Driver


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AS15-F PDF Datasheet