AT42QT1040 Datasheet – Qtouch Sensor IC – QT1040 – ATMEL

This post describes for the semiconductor AT42QT1040, QT1040.

The function of this semiconductor is Four-key QTouch Touch Sensor IC.

The package is 20-pin 3 x 3 mm VQFN RoHS compliant.

The manufacturer of this part is ATMEL.

See the preview image and the QT1040 Datasheet PDF file for more information.

Image QT1040 datasheet


The AT42QT1040 (QT1040) is a digital burst mode charge-transfer (QT™) capacitive sensor driver designed for touch-key applications. The device can sense from one to four keys; one to three keys can be disabled by not installing their respective sense capacitors. Any of the four channels can be disabled in this way. The device includes all signal processing functions necessary to provide stable sensing under a wide variety of changing conditions, and the outputs are fully de-bounced. Only a few external parts are required for operation. The QT1040 modulates its bursts in a spread-spectrum fashion in order to heavily suppress the effects of external noise, and to suppress RF emissions.



AT42QT1040 datasheet pdf



1. Number of QTouch® Keys : Up to four
2. Discrete Outputs : Four discrete outputs indicating individual key touch
3. Technology : Patented spread-spectrum charge-transfer (direct mode)
4. Electrode Design : Simple self-capacitance style (refer to the Touch Sensors Design Guide)
5. Electrode Materials : Etched copper, silver, carbon, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)
6. Electrode Substrates : PCB, FPCB, plastic films, glass

AT42QT1040 Datasheet