AT49BV161-70TI Datasheet PDF – 16-Megabit Flash Memory

Part Number: AT49BV161-70TI (AT49BL160 / AT49LV161 Series)

Function: 16-Megabit (1M x 16/2M x 8) 3-volt Only Flash Memory

Package: TSOP 48 Pin

Manufacturer: Atmel Corporation


AT49BV161-70TI datasheet



The AT49BV161-70TI is a 3.0-volt 16-megabit Flash memory organized as 1,048,576 words of 16 bits each or 2,097,152 bytes of 8 bits each. The x16 data appears on I/O0 – I/O15; the x8 data appears on I/O0 – I/O7. The memory is divided into 39 sectors for erase operations. The device is offered in a 48-lead TSOP, 45-ball and 48-ball CBGA packages.


1. Single Voltage Read/Write Operation: 2.65V to 3.3V (BV), 3.0V to 3.6V (LV)
2. Access Time – 70 ns
3. Sector Erase Architecture
(1) Thirty-one 32K Word (64K Bytes) Sectors with Individual Write Lockout
(2) Eight 4K Word (8K Bytes) Sectors with Individual Write Lockout
4. Fast Word Program Time – 20 μs
5. Fast Sector Erase Time – 300 ms


Other data sheets are available within the file: AT49BV160, AT49BV160-70CI, AT49BV160-90CI, AT49BV160-90TI

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