HER308 Datasheet PDF – 1000V, 3A, Power Rectifier – Mospec

Part Number: HER308, HER306 Thru HER307

Function: 3 A,  High Efficiency Rectifier

Package: DO-201AD Type

Manufacturer: Mospec Semiconductor


HER308 datasheet


Designed for use in switching power supplies. inverters and as free wheeling diodes. These state-of-the-art devices have the following features :

1. High Surge Capacity
2. Low Power Loss, High efficiency
3. Glass Passivated chip junctions
4. Low Stored Charge Majority Carrier Conduction
5. Low Forward Voltage, High Current Capability
6. High-Switching Speed 100 Nanosecond Recovery Time


Other data sheets are available within the file: HER306, HER307

HER308 Datasheet PDF Download

HER308 pdf


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