AUD4990MS08 Datasheet PDF – 2W, Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: AUD4990MS08

Function: 2W, Audio Power Amplifier with Selectable Shutdown

Manufacturer: Analog Express (

Image and Pinouts:

AUD4990MS08 datasheet

1. SD I Shutdown Selection Pin
2. BYPASS I Common Mode Voltage
3. + IN I Positive Differential Input
4. – IN I Negative Differential Input
5. VO1 O Negative BTL Output
6. VDD I Power Supply
7. GND I Ground
8. VO2 O Positive BTL Output


The AUD4990MS08 is an audio power amplifier for mobile phone and other portable electronic device  applications.  It can deliver 1.3 watts of continuous average power to an8 ohm BTL (bridge  tied  load)  and  2 watts of continuous average power to a 4 ohm BTL, with less than 1% distortion from a 5V DC power supply.

The AUD4990 is specifically designed to provide high output power with a minimal amount of  external  components. It requires no output coupling capacitors, for instance. Because of its space-saving footprint, it perfectly meets the needs of mobile phones,  PDAs,  notebook  computers  and  other low-voltage applications that require small power sources in a small package.


1. Space Saving Thermal Package

2. Active High or Low Shutdown Mode

3. External Gain Configuration

4. Stable Unity Gain

5. Can Drive CL up to 200pF


1. Mobile Phones

2. PDAs

3. Notebook Computers

4. Portable Electronic Devices


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