AX2358F Datasheet – 6-Channel Input Selector ( PDF )

This is one of the input selector types.

Part Number: AX2358F, AX2358

Function: Six-channel input selector with volume Controller

Package: SOP-28 Type

Manufacturer: AX ELITE

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.


AX2358F Datasheet


AX2358 is specially designed for six-channel home theater sound system designed with input selector, and built-in 2-channel –6 channel conversion, You can directly conventional 2-channel stereo signal is directly converted into an analog 6-channel signal, while the built-in 6-channel volume control circuit, using I2C Control interface, 0 to -79dB, 1dB each level attenuation range, low noise, high resolution, very few peripheral components, a new generation of multi-channel AV Prerequisites excellent sound volume control elements.

AX2358F Pinout

AX2358F Datasheet Pinout


1. Wide operating voltage range: VCC = 5.0 ~ 9.0V

2. Provide 4 stereo and a group of six channel input

3. Built-in 2-channel –6 channel low-frequency converter and a low pass filter deputy

4. The six-channel volume control: 0dB ~ -79dB, 1dB each level

5. The maximum input voltage of up to 3.0Vrms (1KHZ, THD <1%)

6. Low noise, SNR> 100dB

7. High channel separation> 100dB

8. I2C control interface


AX2358F Datasheet

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