R2A15908SP PDF – 5 Input Selector 2ch Electronic Volume

Part Number: R2A15908SP

Function: 5 Input Selector 2ch Electronic Volume

Package: SOP with 28 pin Type

Manufacturer: Renesas


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ic R2A15908SP pdf datasheet


The R2A15908SP is an optimum audio signal processor IC for TV. It has a 5ch input selector with mono switch, surround, tone control (2band), input gain control and 2ch master volume. It can control all of these functions with I2C bus.

1. Audio Amplifiers: Audio amplifiers are used to boost the audio signal’s power to drive the TV’s built-in speakers or external speakers. These can be integrated into the TV’s circuitry.

2. Audio Codecs: Audio codecs are ICs that encode and decode audio signals. They are used for various audio formats, such as Dolby, DTS, and AAC. These codecs ensure compatibility with different audio sources and formats.

3. Digital Signal Processors (DSPs): DSP ICs are versatile and are used for a wide range of audio processing tasks, including equalization, surround sound processing, noise reduction, and echo cancellation. They can enhance the overall audio experience.



1. Volume 0 to –87dB, –∞ / 1dB step, Each channel is independent control.

2. 5 input selector + MUTE with mono switch

3. Input gain control 0dB to +20dB / 2dB step

4. Tone control Bass : –14dB to +14dB / 2dB step Treble : – 14dB to +14dB / 2dB step

5. Surround Low / High

6. Mode selector Bypass / Tone / Tone & Surround

7. I2C-bus control


1. Mini stereo, TV, etc.


Pinout and Block Diagram

R2A15908SP pinout

R2A15908SP PDF Datasheet

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