B8220K6-6.0 Datasheet – Zero Bias Schottky / Detector Diode

Part Number: B8220K6-6.0, B8220 Series

Function: Surface Mount Zero Bias Schottky / Detector Diode

Package: SOT-26 Type

Manufacturer: Bay Linear


B8220K6-6.0 datasheet



This specific line of Schottky diodes were specifically designed for both digital and analog applications. This series includes a wide range of specifications and package configurations which gives the designer wide flexibility. General applications of these Schottky diodes are clamping, mixing, detecting, sampling, switching, and wave shaping. The B822x series of diodes is the best general all-purpose diode for most applications, featuring low series resistance, low forward voltage at all current levels and desired RF characteristics.



1. Low FIT (Failure in Time) Rate
2. Low Turn-On Voltage (As Low as 0.34 V at 1 mA)
3. Six-sigma Quality Level
4. Single, Dual and Quad Versions
5. Unique Configurations in Surface Mount SOT-23/143 Package
6. B-282K Grounded Center Leads Provide up to 10 dB Higher Isolation
7. Matched Diodes for Consistent Performance
8. High Thermal Conductivity for greater Power


Absoulte maximum ratings

1. Peak Inverse Voltage : PIV = 15 V
2. Junction Temperature : TJ = 150 °C
3. Storage Temperature : TSTG = -65 to 150 °C
4. Forward Current (1μs Pulse) : IF = 1 Amp


Other data sheets are available within the file: B8220, B8220K6, B8220K6-2.0, B8220K6-2.1, B8220K6-2.2

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