FDS7296N3 Datasheet – 30V PowerTrench MOSFET – Fairchild

Part Number: FDS7296N3

Function : 30V N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET

Package: SOP 8Pin

Manufacturer: Fairchild


FDS7296N3 image


1. 15 A, 30 V RDS(ON)= 8 mΩ@ VGS= 10 V, RDS(ON)= 11 mΩ@ VGS= 4.5 V
2. High performance trench technology for extremely low R DS(ON)
3. Optimized for low Qgd to enable fast switching and reduced CdV/dt gate coupling.
4. SO-8 FLMP for enhanced thermal performance in an industry-standard package outline.


FDS7296N3 datasheet


This N-Channel MOSFET in the thermally enhanced SO8 FLMP package has been designed specifically to improve the overall efficiency of DC/DC converters. Providing a balance of low RDS(ON)and Qg it is ideal for synchronous rectifier applications in both isolated and non-isolated topologies. It is also well suited for high and low side switch applications in Point of Load converters.


FDS7296N3 Datasheet


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