BA10358F Datasheet – Dual Operational Amplifier – Rohm

Part Number: BA10358F

Function: Dual ground sense operational amplifier

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ROHM Semiconductor


BA10358F datasheet



The BA10358, BA10358F, BA10358FV, and BA10358N are monolithic ICs with two independent built-in operational amplifiers featuring high gain and frequency compensation.

These products offer a particularly wide range of operating voltages, from 3 to 32V (when using a single power supply). Current dissipation is low and remains constant regardless of the power supply voltage.


1. Can be driven with a single power supply.

2. Extremely low current dissipation.

3. Level is compatible with any kind of logic circuit.

4. Operating voltage range is 3 to 32V for single power supply, ±1.5 to ±16V for dual power supply.

5. High DC voltage gain.

6. Wide frequency response.

7. Pin assignments is the same as the general-purpose 4558 model.


Other data sheets are available within the file:

BA10324AF, BA10324AFV, BA10358, BA10358FV


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