BAV101 Datasheet PDF – 120V, Switching Diode – Vishay

Part Number: BAV101

Function: 120V, Switching Diode

Package: MiniMELF SOD-80

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors


BAV101 datasheet



The BAV101 is High Voltage 120V, Small Signal Switching Diode.

In its simplest form, a diode consists of a single p-n junction, which is created by doping a semiconductor material with impurities to produce two regions with different electrical properties. The p-type region, with an excess of holes, is connected to the positive terminal of the diode, while the n-type region, with an excess of electrons, is connected to the negative terminal.

Diodes are widely used in a variety of applications, including power supplies, rectifiers, voltage regulators, and signal processing circuits. They are also used as protective devices in electronic circuits, to protect sensitive components from overvoltage or reverse voltage.

1. Silicon epitaxial planar diode
2. AEC-Q101 qualified


1. Fast Switching Speed
2. Surface Mount Package Ideally Suited for Automatic Insertion
3. For General Purpose Switching Applications
4. High Conductance


General Purpose

Mechanical Data :

1. Case : MiniMELF ( SOD-80 )
2. Weight : approx. 31 mg
3. Cathode band color : black
4. Marking : Cathode Band Only

Other data sheets are available within the file: BAV101-GS18, BAV100, BAV102, BAV103

BAV101 Datasheet PDF

BAV101 pdf



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